Why Njic

In boardrooms , management offices, mortgage companies, hospitals and financial institutions across America, the hottest topic on the agenda is debt recovery. Part-time, Overtime, Double-time, and Sometime collection procedures don’t work; actually, they cost your company money. The more time and money your company spends on recovering from debtors, the less time and money is being spent running a successful business.


​It makes good business sense to outsource the recovery of your accounts receivable to a full-service firm that specializes in collection and litigation services. It also makes good business sense to take action before your company’s accounts become past due. Industry data demonstrates that accounts placed at the time of delinquency have the best chance of recovery. Every year, millions of dollars go uncollected because debtors rely on the knowledge that your days are too long and your weeks are too short to recover what is rightfully due your company. Surely it is time to reverse the trend. Contact NJIC and learn how our professionals can help increase your company’s cash flow.